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Who said “against the soul, lies; against the body, violence” and where?

Who said “against the soul, lies; against the body, violence” and where?

First of all apologies if there is one community site more appropriate for this.

I have been reading today on a lot of Spanish right wing sites a quote attributed to Lenin: "Contra las almas la mentira, contra los cuerpos la violencia". Also in reverse: "Contra los cuerpos, la violencia; contra las almas, la mentira." My modest translation would be "against the souls, lies; against the bodies, violence".

The quote appeared on one site as "Contra los cuerpos, la violencia. Contra las almas, la mentira y la calumnia. Contra los muertos, el silencio", that is "Against the bodies, violence. Against the souls, lies and slander. Against the dead, silence".

None of the sites stays where Lenin supposedly wrote that.

On a couple of other sites, they attribute it to Serguéi Necháyev, on his Catechism of a Revolutionary. But I have found a document with it and the quote doesn't appear anywhere.

I'd like to know who said that quote first, where, and if possible, who caused a possible misattribution.

Not really an answer but a collection of materials, so marked as community wiki:

  • The earliest source known to Google seems to be an excerpt from the Argentinian Spanish-language magazine "Criterio" from 1930 (Vol 3 Nr. 147 p. 22), which attributes the quote to Necháyev and adds that Lenin would follow those "rules" literally (if I understand correctly).
  • French Wikipedia has some remarks about the different "editions" of the "Catechism" which seem to differ.
  • The Gallica collection of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France has a very early but incomplete french translation online, but i wasn't able to locate the quote there.
  • A (newer) publication attributes the quote to Friedrich Nietzsche the same way it's attributed to Necháyev, i.e. without precise indication of any source; this may be a simple confusion of both names because of their similarity. At least, a quick search using a German translation of the quote didn't yield any results.

Since the earliest translations of the "Catechism" were done from Russian to French, I would expect a "French version" of the quote to be current if the quote really exists in the Russian original, but I wasn't able to find any. Another approach would be to try to "re-translate" the quote into Russian and search for sources.

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